Our Company has a 100% success rate and we provide a money back guarantee which we do not, and have not, faulted on. We have been doing this for 10 years and have not had a single default; we will publicise this and we will stand by it. Whilst the company was previously not broken up into a separate division as it is now, it was initially done through Selchem Coatings but yes, we do have 10 years experience in doing this in full business capacity although we have been doing it allied to all our companies over the past 30 years
I t has been very difficult to give Selchem Business Brokers a name or a boundary because consultants is the wrong word, we are more Business Brokers, Business Assessors and Business Coaches than we are consultants. Selchem Business brokers primary objective is to go into companies that are running at a deficit and in negative cash flow situations and to revert those companies into a profit situation. We do this by means of looking at expenses within the company and cutting down those expenses, increasing work flow through our extensive networking where we are able to bring contracts into the company, be it by Insurance contracts, Motor Manufacture approval linking’s, Consolidations or Mergers. Furthermore, we specialise in companies with cash flow or equity that is not in a good situation, we will then align and boost those companies with equity partners. Whilst we masterfully specialise in Auto Body Repair facilities, we also part take in paint distribution companies, paint manufacture companies and others. We further specialise in motor manufacture approvals, motor manufacturer warranty systems and we consult with motor manufacturers on the approval programmes and insurance companies, in respect to cost per panels, labour, consumable and paint rates. The above mentioned are our specialities. Our extensive ability and the fact that we have been involved in networking over the past 30 years with insurance companies and big corporate companies, such as Barloworld, Imperial, Avis and a host of others, has allowed us the ability to be able to bring many parties around the table to find a common synergy between them. We do a lot with motor manufacturers, along with the approval programmes we also assist the Moto manufacturers as consultants and that put us in a really unique position to align the motor manufacturers with Auto Body Repair facilities to increase profit margins through a variety of resources and I think that's the cream of what makes Selchem Business Brokers so individual and unsurpassed; no one in the country has our networking capabilities. We network in so many different areas of business, all of which are related to the automotive sector, which gives us a unique ability to rectify and get these companies out of financial difficulties as fast as possible. With BEE playing a huge part in South Africa today we also provide extensive knowledge in respect of BEE and we help the various business sectors within the automotive industry to be BEE compliant. So, alongside our networking capabilities in respect to relinquishing and getting these companies out of their financial difficulties; we strategically balance the companies with BEE allied partners. We also work very closely with unions, we draft contracts to ensure that all contracts are legal, enforceable and proficient. We work with staffing, maximising staff efficiencies, ensuring that pro-activity remains at a maximum and that each employee is fulfilling their maximum capability. Extensive knowledge across the board throughout every segment of companies we broker for is our speciality; from knowing what costs should be in administration to those in each segment of the business arena.
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